What songs should the DJ play?   
Usually the DJ will play to the crowd as they party, but if you specifically want songs played, then choose ones that the majority will enjoy dancing to, not just you.

Should I Use a DJ or a Live Band?   
Most importantly, a DJ is cheaper, and the real singer sings their songs, they work the crowd the whole time, and a DJ can play music even when they are sick.  But, we can work with a Live Band, playing between their sets and even provide the sound system and audio technician for them!

When should the party start, and when should the food be served.   
The party will never start on time – people are always late, so don’t plan on things starting on time.  Also, when you serve the food, the party starts to slow down.  As the people are eating, you should do the draws, speeches, and other “non-dancing” things.

Can we supply music for you to play?   
Definitely!  We have a very extensive collection of songs, but everyone has different tastes, and we may not have what you want to hear.  Just bring your music along on the night of the event, and we will be happy to play what you want.

What about the Chicken Dance or the Hokey Pokey?
Some people love it, and some people hate it. Most guests feel uncomfortable doing these cheesy dances.  Our professional opinion is not to play these songs, but we will if you want.

How will you know what to do next during a Wedding, etc.?   
Well, you will tell us.  We would like the DJ to have an itinerary of the event a few days before the date. If our DJ is going to announce and/or play music at particular times, it is beneficial if they have time to prepare.

What is feedback?   
This is that ear-piercing shrill that sometimes is emitted from the speakers.  It is caused by the microphone being too close to the speakers.  Good planning on the part of the DJ will ensure that this does not happen.

Have you got a question?  Just e-mail us!